Buy bitcoin with Credit card, Debit card, Paypal, Cash & Anonymously

Buy bitcoin with Credit card, Debit card, Paypal, Cash , Anonymously

So Finally you are convinced.

That bitcoin is not a fad and it's here to stay. 

or Probably you just want to give it a try and see If you too can turn around your fortunes with bitcoin investment.

Whatever your motivations are, in this guide I will share with you the easiest way to buy bitcoins Instantly

But before we get right into it. 

Here's a word of caution :

Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency market is very volatile.

Money changes hands in hours, if not minutes.

Invest only what you can afford to loose.

What does it mean?

Simple, even if you loose all your bitcoin investment, it should not change the course of your life.

For beginners that can be less than 1 percent of your total net worth. 

Now let me share where to buy bitcoin.

Use the quick navigation below to go to your preferred payment method directly.

buy bitcoins with credit card worldwide

Buy bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card

Bitcoin mania seems to have gripped the world. Price has reached astronomical levels.

Startups & Brokers don't want to be left behind. 

Off late a number of legit bitcoin exchanges have started accepting bitcoin purchase through credit cards and debit cards.

Let's look at 5 of the Best Place to buy bitcoin with Credit Card. 

1. Coinbase

buy bitcoin with credit card using coinbase

Coinbase is the best option for those who want to buy their first bitcoins. 

Because, in addition to being a bitcoin exchange they also provide a bitcoin wallet.

Wallet is where your bitcoins are stored safely. 

If you want to receive bitcoins from others, you need to provide them your wallet address. 

I have written a complete guide on using coinbase earlier which you can check here - How to Buy bitcoins using coinbase easily

But it's available in 33 countries only. 

In case, coinbase is not working in your country check out other bitcoin exchanges below.

2. Coinmama

buy bitcoin with credit card using coinmama

Coinmama provides it's service worldwide. 

To make a bitcoin purchase you can either use a credit card or a debit card. 

Step 1 - Go over to Coinmama Website

Step 2 - Select the number of bitcoins you want to buy or the dollars you want to spend and Click Buy Bitcoins.

buy bitcoin with debit card using coinmama

Step 3 - You will be taken to a registration page, enter the details -Email, Password, First and Last Name, your Country. 

Select the Checkbox and Click Create Account.

buy bitcoin with debit card using coinmama

Step 4 - After account creation you have to verify it by submitting a photo ID Verification. It Usually takes 1-2 hours for verification. 

Once verified you can buy bitcoins with credit card or debit card. 

But you need to provide your bitcoin wallet where your purchased bitcoins will show up.

Coinmama doesn't offer you a wallet service like Coinbase, so you need to create one yourself. 

How to Create a Free Bitcoin Wallet

get free bitcoin wallet

Unlike your regular Wallets bitcoin wallets can even be stored online.

4 Types of bitcoin wallets exists today - Desktop, Mobile, Web (or Cloud) & hardware wallet. 

Setting up a bitcoin wallet is actually quite easy. 

Visit -

and select the type of wallet you want and follow the steps as mentioned there.

3. Changelly

buy bitcoin with credit card using changelly

If you want to buy bitcoins instantly, Changelly is your best bet. 

The buying process itself is very easy.

Step 1 - Enter the amount of bitcoins you want to buy or dollars that you want to invest.

buy bitcoin with credit card using changelly

Step 2 - Enter your details - Personal details, billing address, Payment Information, Bitcoin Wallet Address and Click Confirm. 

buy bitcoin with debit card using changelly

4. Bitstamp

buy bitcoin with credit card using bitstamp

Bitstamp has a great Reputation worldwide and provides multiple payment options. 

They even support bitcoin purchase through credit and debit cards. 

STEP 1 - Register an account at Bitstamp

STEP 2 - Login with the Userid and password received on your Registered Email address.​

buy bitcoin with credit card using bitstamp

STEP 3 - Verify your Account by uploading ID Proofs. Once approved you can make payment using your Credit Card.

STEP 4 - Select Instant Order, Enter your payment details and Confirm Purchase. You are done. πŸ™‚ 

buy bitcoin using credit with bitstamp

Now let me quickly give you quick comparison of the 4 Bitcoin Exchanges I just discussed. 







Buying Limits

Varies per account







33 Countries


Although these bitcoin exchanges are great, there may be a possibility that

  • some of these might not be providing service in your country or 
  • your credit card company may not be approving your bitcoin purchase

What do you do then ? How do you buy bitcoin in that case ?

Well, you can try purchasing bitcoin using Paypal.

As Paypal is available in more than 200 countries, you are sure to get your first bitcoins using it.

But wait!

There's one Problem - Paypal doesn't allow direct purchase of bitcoin.

Heck! Then how do we buy bitcoin using paypal. 

Is this some kind of a Joke? 

Easy Pal! We use bitcoin exchanges that provide payment through paypal.

Though there may be additional charges - Paypal Commissions on top of the Fees charged by the Bitcoin Exchange.

buy bitcoins with paypal

Buy bitcoin with Paypal

Let me share with you 2 of the best bitcoin exchanges that provide bitcoin purchase via paypal.

1. Wirexapp

Wirexapp provides an easy to user interface for buying bitcoins.

What Wirexapp actually does is - it creates a virtual VISA Card which you can add to your paypal account.

Thereafter, this virtual card can be funded through your Paypal account and later be used for buying bitcoin.

It's actually one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin through paypal.

Let's see the Actual Steps now : 

STEP 1 - Create an account at Wirexapp

buy bitcoin with paypal

STEP 2 - After Account Verification, a virtual VISA Card will be issued to you.

From the Wirexapp app fund your Virtual Card with a small amount (around 3-4$). This will be used later and is a must.

STEP 3 - Go to your Paypal account and Click on Payment Methods --> Select Link a Card. 

add virtual visa to paypal for bitcoin

STEP 4 - Enter the details of your Wirexapp Virtual VISA Card and Click Save. 

add wirexapp card to paypal

STEP 5 - Next, Confirm your Card you just added and paypal will initiate a transaction for card verification. The $3 added in Step 2 will be used here. 

Though this may be reversed later. 

It is used by Paypal for verification purposes only. 

Paypal will ask you to enter a verification code which you can find in your Wirexapp under transactions. 

bitcoin paypal verification

Just confirm the Code and you can start buying bitcoins through paypal now. 

STEP 6 - Fund your Virtual Card using Paypal and purchase bitcoin on the Wirexapp. 

2. Paxful

buy bitcoin with paypal using paxful

Paxful offer a number of payment methods including Paypal, Amazon Gift Card and Credit Cards. 

You can check the process in the video below. 

Now, these are not the only bitcoin exchanges out there in the market that provides bitcoin purchase through Paypal.

But these are the best ones with good reviews. 

In fact a new bitcoin exchange called Upcoin is launching by the end of Jan 2018.

They are promising Paypal payment and even offering $500 bonus in trading fees to first 10K users. 

buy bitcoin with paypal using upcoin

This is great!

But what If I want to buy bitcoin with Cash in my location.

Is that Possible?

Yes it is. Let's talk about that now. 

buy bitcoin with cash easily

Buy bitcoin with Cash

Bitcoins can be bought with cash on one of the P2P Exchanges.

P2P or Peer-to-Peer exchanges act like an escrow between buyers and sellers.

The Price too is decided by the Traders. 

One Such Exchange for buying bitcoin through cash is Localbitcoin.

buy and sell bitcoins at localbitcoins lbc

Before you meet your Seller in Person do Keep the Following in mind :

  • Buy Bitcoins with Reputed Seller Only, check their Reputation Score
  • Meet the Seller in a Public Place in a broad day light
  • No need to disclose your Personal details or become overly friendly
  • Wait for the Confirmation to Confirm the transaction at least twice

Now that we have taken care of Security. Let's see how to buy bitcoins with cash on localbitcoin.

STEP 1 - Create an Account at Localbitcoin, Verify your email and mobile number.

STEP 2 - After Verification, go to the Homepage. Select your Location and Payment Method i.e. Cash in our case. 

Click Search. 

local bitcoin paypal cash anonymous

STEP 3 - From the List of Sellers, Go through Each one of them and lookout for those who have a good reputation score and have earlier done transactions. 

buy local bitcoin with cash anonymously paypal

As you can see in our case, only canadianbitcoins has a good reputation, all others are probably a first time seller.

Two things that you must note :

  • Price/BTC - This is what the Seller will charge. β€‹
  • Limits - This is the amount of bitcoins the seller is willing to sell. 

In our case, canadianbitcoins has no limits.

But the seller just below, cashtradeottawa has set a limit of 500 - 2500 CAD Canadian Dollars. 

That means you can only but bitcoin worth that amount.

Once you have finalized your buyer, it's time to click Buy. 

STEP 4 - Read the terms of the Trade on the Right hand side. You can contact the seller on their Email/Telegram If provided.

buy bitcoins with cash worldwide

STEP 5 - Wait for the Seller to Accept your Trade Request.

After which you can meet the seller at the agreed place and do the exchange. 

Note : Make Sure the seller confirms the transaction then and there. 

While this was one way to buy bitcoins anonymously using cash, there are some other methods too. 

Let's check them out.

buy bitcoins anonymously

How to buy bitcoins anonymously

Whether you like it or not - Almost all bitcoin exchanges need KYC and ID Proof before you can buy bitcoin on their platform.

While some of us would rather want to buy bitcoin anonymously. 

There are exchanges and other methods to cater to that need.

But Anonymity usually comes with a Premium Price.

That Simply means, you would have to shell out 5 to 10% Extra for buying bitcoin anonymously. 

If you are up for it, then let's discuss some of those methods. 

1. Mycelium local trade

Mycelium local trader feature helps trade bitcoin with other traders in person.

Your Phone's GPS Location is used to connect you with buyers nearby your location. 

The good part is - you can use the app without any ID Requirements and verification.

mycelium wallet


2. ​Bisq

Bisq is a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange where exchange happens instantly.

You don't have to wait for any approval or registration.

All you need to do is download the application on your Computer/Laptop and began trading or buying bitcoin anonymously using your local currency.

Watch the Video below to see how to buy bitcoin on Bisq.  

So there you have it.

Whether you want to buy bitcoin with credit card, debit card, Paypal, Cash or Anonymously.

This Guide would have helped you buy your first bitcoins.

If you have any doubts, reviews or suggestions about these bitcoin exchanges

Feel free to share them on the comment box below.

Happy Crypto Investing!


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